September 13, 2022

Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar

By Alexis Smith
Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar

Last week, I added (after many, many requests) astrology readings to my menu of services.  First of all - thank you to all of you who pushed me to opening up that box!  After working through some major imposter syndrome and about 20 Astro-Consults in one week I am finally feeling like this is something that I do actually know a thing or two about...


And I should feel that way - I've been studying astrology for 8 years, and astronomy for the last 20 (oh yeah, I was that kid).  Watching the way the the planets and stars dance around and the influence they have here on Earth is such a inspiring art.  I mean - my motivation for moving to Marfa was a moonless night sitting outside the Get Go and staring up at the endless field of stars shining above.


Learning Astrology can feel like a pretty daunting task to undertake on your own - what's an aspect?  What does it mean when Uranus is Trine Pluto?  How do I interpret my birth chart?  It's a lot...but that's where this post comes in.


Today I'm opening the gates for a course that I've been sitting on for a hot minute.  Reading your charts has got me really wanting to dive deeper into the cosmic realm, and so I present to you, Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar.


Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar is a 9 week course of foundational astrology, the plants, and our bodies.  This course is packed with valuable information on understanding the basic terms of astrology, the cycles of the moon, the zodiac, reading a birth chart, and getting some groundwork on how where the planets, the plants, and humans all intersect.  Together we will lift the veil on how to work with the Cosmos to inform our daily lives and how to harness those energies to up-level basically everything we do.


This course is open to all, you don't need to have any prior knowledge of astrology to attend.  Once the course is purchased, it's yours for life!  And if you can't attend the classes live - don't worry - you'll have access to the course portal where all of the recordings will be stored.  Registration is now open, and class begins on Monday, October 3rd!


I cannot wait to begin this Cosmic journey with you - so here's a little sneak peak of where we're going.




Did you know that each day of the week corresponds with one of the 7 Classical Planets?  These 7 planets where mapped by the ancient Chaldeans, and while not all of them are "planets" their influence is still incredibly powerful here in our Earthly Realm. 


I've created a little outline below to help you align with these energies and up-level your life.  We'll be going deeper into this topic and so much more in the Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar course!



Rules: Emotional Frequencies, Divination, Water, Cycles

Color: Purple + Silver

Ways to Align with The Moon:

- Take a bath

- Do a Tarot Reading or practice Crystal Scrying

- Make time to rest



Rules: The Warrior Archetype, Fire, Drive, Assertiveness

Color: Red

Ways to Align with Mars:

- Get in a good workout

- Check off your to-do-list

- Pay off debts



Rules: Communication, Technology, Intellect + Writing

Color: Orange

Ways to Align with Mercury:

- Do some journaling

- Take a class or schedule a meeting

- Reply to that email you've been avoiding



Rules: Abundance, Expansion, Luxury, Business

Color: Blue

Ways to Align with Jupiter:

- Tend to business needs (hello accounting)

- Make a budget

- Start a savings account



Rules: Passion, Love, Beauty, The Natural World

Color: Green

Ways to Align with Venus:

- Go on a hot date

- Do some delicious self-care

- Tend to your plants/garden



Rules: Structure, Limitation, Boundaries, Time

Color: Black + Grey

Ways to Align with Saturn:

- Plan your week

- Clean the house

- Finish up your to-do list



Rules: Life Force, Self Expression, Celebration, Illumination

Color: Yellow + Gold

Ways to Align with The Sun:

- Celebrate with friends

- Do something creative

- Lounge by the pool/recharge in the Sunlight


There are an infinite number of ways that we can align our days with the planets that influence them.  Join us in Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar to go deeper - or schedule an Astro-Consult to learn more about how these planets effect you on a personal level.


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