December 10, 2022

Spiritual Cleansing & Protection with Four Thieves Vinegar

By Amanda Holstien
Spiritual Cleansing & Protection with Four Thieves Vinegar

Oftentimes in today’s New Age, “manifest abundance with positive thinking” culture, we often neglect the importance of spiritual cleansing and clearing before we do work to attract our desires. We might have intentions to be favored by our boss or to attract new friends, but doing attraction work without a proper cleansing would be like putting on perfume without showering for a week.

A good rule of spiritual practice is: cleanse first, then bless.


 Four Thieves Vinegar


A wonderful companion for spiritual cleansing is the historic Four Thieves Vinegar. Four Thieves Vinegar has many uses, most popularly, to drive away our enemies. However, this scope can be broadened as a general “catch all” cleansing and clearing solution. Many people are familiar with using incense or plant materia to smudge or clear a space, but the tradition of floor washes and spiritual cleansing solutions seems to have been lost in some cultures.

Floor washes are a great first step in spiritually cleansing your space - even before you smudge.

Four Thieves Vinegar can be added to your mop water or cleaning solutions to clear out any negativity, unhelpful thought forms or straight up witchcraft. If you want to keep enemies or negative people out of your home, then you’ll definitely want to do a good wash with Four Thieves Vinegar. When doing a mop to spiritually (and physically) cleanse a space, always mop from the back of your house/business to the front, and never dispose of this mop water in the house. Dump the leftover bucket of water outside, out your back door or in a ditch.


Amanda washes the windowsills with Four Thieves Vinegar

You can also add Four Thieves Vinegar to a wet rag and use this rag to wash your doorstep and window sills for added protection.

Another use of Four Thieves Vinegar is for a spiritual bath. Spiritual baths are very helpful for everyone, especially, if you have been around a lot of negative people and feel very drained. Additionally, if you feel like your spirit-body needs a good wash, add Four Thieves Vinegar to your bath water, and imagine all the negativity washing away from you and going down the drain when you leave the bath. Always use a fresh towel and put on clean clothes after taking a spiritual bath. 

Finally, if you’re about to start your day and want an extra boost of protection from negativity, dab your pulse points with Four Thieves Vinegar or use it to wash your desk at work.


Amanda holding Four Thieves Vinegar

These are just a few basic uses of Four Thieves Vinegar. Feel free to experiment and use these suggestions as a jumping off point. Without a doubt, Four Thieves Vinegar is a must-have in your spiritual arsenal.

Happy banishing!


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