June 28, 2023

Neptune Retrograde Horoscopes

By Alexis Smith
Neptune Retrograde Horoscopes

This Friday, June 30th, Neptune stations Retrograde in Pisces until December 6th, 2023.  Find your Rising sign below to get a mini download on how this transit will affect your personal life.



This year’s Neptune Retrograde is happening in your 12th house of past lives, secrets & privacy.  You may be experiencing a lot of dust being kicked up around your past and the deepest secrets you’ve been keeping.  Use this transit as an opportunity to open up about some things that you’ve been keeping to yourself about your past & spiritual gifts out of fear of rejection or failure.



Neptune Retrograde is making its annual transit in your 11th house this year.  The 11th house is our ruler of community & humanity.  You may have been feeling trapped in a certain community group hasn’t been feeling supportive for quite some time, but afraid to take a step in another direction due to perceived responsibilities to that community.  This retrograde period asks you to re-assess and let go of the limiting narratives that you have to stick with it out of “social responsibility.”



The 10th house is where this year’s Neptune Retrograde will be landing for Gemini Ascendants - activating the realm of Career & Reputation.  Have you been holding back in terms of your ambition?  Making big moves to affirm your authority can feel a little scary, but Neptune Retrograde says “it’s time.”  Take a deep breath and make the change you’ve been daydreaming about.



Neptune is stationing Retrograde in the 9th house for Cancer Ascendants, the house of Philosophy & Adventure.  You may think that your view of things is the only way that works, but Neptune Retrograde is coming through to open your field of perception and asking you to see things from a different perspective.  Instead of staying stuck in your ways, take some time during this transit to study new spiritual points of view, philosophies, and ideas.



Leo Ascendants will be experiencing Neptune Retrograde in the 8th house of Sex & Death this year.  This transit can be extremely activating for your nervous system, causing you to feel a lot of fear around loss & financial situations.  Pause, take a deep breath, and call on Neptune’s Retrograde energy to help you see the reality of the situations at hand and dispel that fear.  You’ve got this, Leo!



The 7th house of relationships and commitment is where Virgo Ascendants will be experiencing this year’s Neptune Retrograde.  Are there aspects of your closest relationships that you’ve been avoiding confronting?  Neptune Retrograde is saying it’s time to stop putting yourself last and to reaffirm your commitment to yourself.  Step up to the plate and say what is needed in order to prioritize your own needs.



Neptune Retrograde is occurring in the 6th house for Libra Ascendants, the house of health & ethics.  It’s time to get back on track with your basic physical needs.  You may find yourself living in a cycle of self-neglect lately, and this transit says that making time to priorities your well-being is the only way to quell the waves of chaos & overwhelm you’ve been experiencing.  Let go of the illusion that you don’t have time to tend to your basic needs - making time to prioritize them is life or death.



Scorpio Ascendants will be experiencing this year’s Neptune Retrograde in the 5th House of Creativity & the Inner Child.  It’s time to give your creativity the freedom to soar.  Neptune Retrograde removes the lenses that make your wildest ideas feel like they’re just a fantasy.  Use this transit to activate the spark of your Childlike wonder and give yourself explicit permission to play.



The 4th house, realm of Home & Family, is where Sagittarius Ascendant will experience Neptune’s annual Retrograde this year.  Forgiveness is a big lesson for you this year.  How can you tend to forgiveness within yourself and your most intimate relationships for the traumas you’ve experienced?  It’s time to release blame and take responsibility for your own healing.



For those with Capricorn on the Ascendant, Neptune Retrograde will be traversing the 3rd house of Communication & Travel.  It’s time to let your words match the resonance of your heart.  Remember, your word is an act of creation, and Neptune Retrograde says that it’s time to stop holding in your words of power.  Sometimes the truth is painful to share, but your tears are your liberation.  Releasing the heaviness of your heart through the spoken word will give you space to explore the world in a whole new perspective.



Aquarius Ascendant’s 2nd house of Money & Material Possessions will be highlighted by this year’s Neptune Retrograde.  This is a time to disconnect from immediate gratification.  Neptune Retrograde is telling you to be grateful for what you have, and release your need for “more.”  The harder you try to gain more than you need, the harder it will be for you to achieve your desires.



Neptune Retrograde is triggering the 1st house of Self & Personality for Pisces Ascendants this year.  You are perfect just as you are, and this Retrograde transit is here to remind you of that.  It may feel like you are constantly having to redefine yourself to fit in with society, but in doing so, you’ve lost the essence of who you are.  Neptune Retrograde is an opportunity to remember yourself, and to share the realness of you without fear of abandonment.


Want to dive deeper into your personal Neptune Retrograde transit?  I’m offering full Neptune Retrograde Transit Write-Ups to help you navigate the complexity of this Retrograde period, and find remedies to assist you on the path.

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