March 28, 2023

Messages from Wind

By Alexis Smith
Messages from Wind

“Greetings and gratitude to you, Breath of Life.  Giver of Clarity.  Maker of Peace.  Purify me that I may be a clear vessel in service to Cosmic Law and Cosmic Truth.”


I’m not going to lie, I spent way too long this morning trying to take the “perfect” shot for this post…I tried using scarves, veils, blankets.  I tried different backdrops.  I tried different angels.  Nothing was turning out how I wanted it to.  And that’s when the transmission came through.  I surrendered to the wind, dropped the theatrics, and let her guide what was intended to be recorded.


The winds of West Texas are a force to be reckoned with, and when they come there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.  “You can’t stop the wind,” as my old friend Adam Wright says.  It’s out of your control.

The tendency toward perfectionism is futile on windy days like this.  Your hair will be a mess, your yard will become a dumping ground for just about anything, resistance will bring windburn, and anything you try to build will be broken down before you’re complete.  The Wind teaches us the beauty of patience, surrender, and imperfection.


There are times in life when we feel swept away in the wind, blowing around like a tumbleweed with nowhere to go.  These are the moments that are honestly the most formative in building our reality.  What we offer through thought, word and deed during times of what feels like utter chaos is defining of our character.  Do we curse the wind and fight against it with all of our strength?  Or do we acknowledge that we must surrender our need for control and conserve our strength for a battle that we can actually win?

Listen to the Wind.  Honor it.  Pray with it.  Love it.  When we surrender to the boundless force blowing us about, suddenly it becomes like dancing.  Instead of fighting to keep on our masks of pretension, instead of gripping our hats of false identity to prevent them from blowing off of our heads down the street, when we surrender to the Wind and to the Primal Will-to-Good within that eternally creates and sustains the universe, we flow and shift effortlessly.


So today I give gratitude for the Wind.  I give deep bows of reverence for the sheer power of destruction that is carried in her current, tearing down the structures that aren’t of service to the greatest good and ripping apart the fabrics of dishonesty.  I praise the Wind for her eternal wisdom and the reminder that I too must take time to surrender to simply being in order to nurture my expansion.


Ankh Neteru.  Blessed Be.  And So It Is.

In service + reverence,

Alexis Nichole Smith

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