September 25, 2022

Hello, Libra!

By Alexis Smith
Hello, Libra!

It's officially Libra season, and the energy shift is palatable as we settle into the most romantic sign of the zodiac...


Are you feeling the scales come into balance?  Let's see what's in store for the month ahead.


Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac, making it the ruler of the 7th House (the house of "we", i.e. partnerships + relationship dynamics) and is at home with the planet Venus.  It is a Cardinal Air Sign, which means that it enhances the our driving force + creates boundless mental energy.




The Tarot Archetype that corresponds with our beloved Libra is the Justice card.  During this season we may be feeling like we're creating big shifts toward finding balance in our relationships.  The archetype of Justice is full of fairness and responsibility.  She holds in her hands the sword and the scales, representing equality and order.

 Justice Tarot Card Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

I mentioned above that Venus thrives in the sign of Libra, therefore lending its energy to the sign of love and equality.  Venus, the hottest planet in our Solar System, affects our dynamics of love, beauty and prosperity.  Knowing this, we can understand a little bit more about the way Libra affects our romantic thoughts and boundless energy.


During this time, we can turn to nature to help us maintain authenticity and responsibility.




Thyme Leaf



Thyme is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated of the kitchen herbs.  It was once such a revered herb that Roman soldiers would exchange sprigs of Thyme as a sign of respect.  Thyme can be burned to cleanse + purify a home or temple space and was once placed inside the coffins of the dead in ancient Greece to assure safe passage into the underworld.  It has a powerful ability to bring balance to the body + mind, especially in regards to the respiratory + digestive systems.  Keep a bit of Thyme Leaf in your medicine cabinet for respiratory steams, teas, soups, and mojo bags.


Cacao Beans



Cacao medicine is true heart medicine.  A potent kidney support ally, medicinal and ceremonial uses of Cacao date back to the Aztec civilization.  Seen as a gift from the gods, the Aztec peoples would even utilize Cacao to fortify warriors before battle.  A truly sacred plant ally, Cacao has been traditionally combined with other herbs such as Vanilla and Chili Pepper and raw honey to create a sweet and heart-balancing tonic.


Stinging Nettle Leaf


Stinging Nettle

My final selection for this year's Libra season herbs is one that every herbalist loves, Stinging Nettle.  Profoundly nourishing, Nettle is a vitamin and mineral rich herb that helps to bring balance and fortification to our entire body.  As well as being a powerful diuretic, Stinging Nettle can be of great aid in soothing fatigue and bringing balance to the blood systems.  Nettle is a gentle, nutritive herb and can be worked with daily as an herbal tea or tincture.






Rose Quartz Spheres


Rose Quartz

Well known for its frequency of love, Rose Quartz helps us to find balance in the ways that we love ourselves.  This gentle crystal ally softens our heartspace and opens us up to be a little more fair in our self-criticism.


Tumbled Emerald Stone



Emerald invokes a preciousness that demands respect.  An excellent ally for creating harmony + opening up to receive universal blessings, Emerald also helps us to set the tone of love, empathy, and fidelity.


Aquatine Blue Calcite Tumbled Stones


Aquatine Calcite

This water blue crystal is a keeper of ancient Lemurian wisdoms.  Aquatine Calcite gives us the power of fluidity and emotional balance, allowing us to open ourselves up to higher states of consciousness and perspectives of equality.





Journal Prompts

Journaling is a powerful ritual to help us access our inner wisdom.  Make some time in the morning to sit with your thoughts while you sip your morning tea or coffee.  Light a candle, burn some incense, turn on your favorite meditation playlist and get in the zone.  I love utilizing free-writing in my journaling practice to flow through mental blockages.  You can also start with a prompt if you don't know where to begin.  Here are 5 journal prompts for Libra season:

  • Pro's + Con's:  Draw a set of scales on your page. On either side of the scales, write out the positive + negative aspects of the situation at hand to find clarity and make a confident choice moving forward.
  • What feeling do you want to cultivate in your life during this Libra season?
  • Imagine you are a fictional character in a book.  What would you write about yourself?
  • How can you show up in service to love?
  • What is inspiring beauty and adoration in your life right now?  How can you amplify that? 

The Scales of Justice Tarot Spread


The Scales of Justice - Tarot Spread
  1. Place the Justice Card here to signify the balance of the scales.
  2. What are you standing for this Libra season?
  3. How can you stay grounded this Libra season?
  4. What is ready to be released this Libra season?
  5. What is creating imbalance in your life right now?
  6. What is ready to be cultivated this Libra season?
  7. What is creating balance in your life right now?



Self-Love Bath Ritual

Libra season is all about romance, harmony, and fairness.  To set the tone for the month to come, I've created a little bath ritual to amplify the beauty of romancing ourselves and treating ourselves with the respect and adoration we give to others.  This ritual is best performed on a Friday night and can be done as often as you need.

  1. Clean your space.  It is important before beginning any ritual to thoroughly clean and cleanse your space.  Burn an herb like Thyme, Cinnamon or Eastern Red Cedar to clear out stagnant energy and set the tone of fortifying forgiveness.
  2. Make it cozy.  Line your bathtub with white, pink and/or crimson candles, roses, crystals and symbols that invoke the idea of romance to you.  Reserve a few handfuls of fresh rose petals (ideally red) to add to the bath.  Turn down the lights and light the candles.
  3. As the bath fills, add your favorite bath salts (like our Heart Song Bath Salts), potions, and bubble bath.  Go all out to make this bath the most luxurious one you've ever taken.  Add in the rose petals, allowing them to float on the surface of the water (remember to strain out any herbs you use before draining the bath).
  4. Climb into the bath and allow yourself to feel held and supported in this moment.  You are worthy of love and beauty.  Whisper sweet nothings to yourself and enjoy this delicious bath.  Soak for up to 20 minutes.
  5. After bathing, anoint your body with an anointing oil, like our Forgiven or Come To Me oils, caressing every inch of your flesh with loving words.  Give yourself a big hug and wrap up in something cozy.
  6. Now you may wish to prepare a cup of cacao to sit with, or make a beautiful plate of chocolates and fruit (dried cranberries, figs, and dark berries are great here).  Sit in silence with your post-bath sacrament and soak up all of the love that you are offering to yourself.


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