Pisces, The Mystic: Harnessing the Power of Imagination for Creative Inspiration

Pisces, The Mystic: Harnessing the Power of Imagination for Creative Inspiration

The season of Pisces is a time of heightened intuition, creativity & spiritual connection. As we approach the peak of the season, the conjunction of the Sun & Moon in this mystical sign on Sunday, March 10th, the flow of creativity & imagination is palatable. Sunday’s New Moon in Pisces is a prime time for setting intentions around our most artistic visions.


E X P L O R I N G  P I S C E A N   E N E R G Y


Pisces, ruled by the planets Neptune & Jupiter, is represented by the symbolic image of two fish dancing in harmony with each other. Their fluidity is a representation of the most prolific qualities of Pisces, the frequencies of sensitivity, intuition & empathy. Pisces is the Mystic, the Empath, and the Artist.


This connection to our deepest emotional waters cultivates a fertile space for profound creativity & imaginative flow, supporting us in tapping into the subconscious mind and explore new realms of inspiration. As we swirl through Pisces season we are invited to let our imaginations run wild.


T H E   P O W E R   O F   I M A G I N A T I O N


I-Magi-Nation…I am the Magi of my Nation. Our imagination is our most powerful tool for creative expression & problem solving. With the power of our mind we can vision great success and simultaneously prepare ourselves for total dissolution by working through any problems that we may face and creating a plan for moving through them.


Cultivating a vivid imagination is something that we were taught to avoid—we were taught that a vivd imagination leads to becoming a daydreamer who will never amount to anything. However, this isn’t the whole truth. A vivid imagination, when not expressed, may lead to always having our “head in the clouds” so to speak, but when we combine that imagination with inspiration we can achieve incredible things. A vivd imagination leads to powerful creative endeavors like those of Van Gogh, sparks innovation like that of Nikola Tesla, and fuels profound personal growth.


N E W   M O O N   I N   P I S C E S :: S E T T I N G   C R E A T I V E   I N T E N T I O N S


The New Moon in the height of any zodiacal season, the moment when the Sun & Moon come together in the heavens under the same constellation. This is a time when the energies of that sign are magnified and most fertile. Sunday, March 10th, we will see the New Moon in Pisces. This is a significant portal for all of our creative endeavors, giving us the vital energy to plant the seeds of intentions related to our most imaginative, artistic pursuits.


To align with the flow of this mystical time, here are a few simple rituals to attune to:

  1. V I S I O N :: Create a vision board to anchor your wildest dreams into the manifest realm. Use found images from magazines, drawings, painting, & collage to activate your creative flow.

  2. E X P R E S S :: Write a letter or a poem to your future self, congratulating them on achieving all of the incredible things your heart is calling in.

  3. U P L I F T :: Utilize the power of your voice & movement to amplify your vision for your life. Through toning, song & dance, channel the vibrational frequency of the vision that you hold for yourself and what it feels like to attain that vision.

  4. I L L U M I N A T E :: Inscribe a ritual candle. Use a white, blue, or yellow candle for this practice, drawing sigils & symbols and scribing words that inspire creativity into the candle. Anoint the candle with the waters of your body and offer a poem or blessing to it. Light the candle, focusing on your intentions, for at least an hour each day until it is complete. It is important to remember not to blow out the candle, but instead to extinguish it with a candle snuffer, small plate, or with the waters of your body.

  5. D I V I N E :: Utilize any practice of divination, such as Tarot or crystal ball scrying, to draw forward guidance on activating your creative flow. Allow your intuition to guide you in this practice.


N U R T U R I N G   Y O U R   C R E A T I V E   S P I R I T


The key to harnessing the creative frequencies of Pisces season goes beyond a single moment in time. Imagination is something that we must tend to. Make a commitment at least for the remainder of Pisces season to nurture your creativity each day in some way—whether that is through music, writing, drawing, dancing, painting or sculpting—all creative acts are magical acts.


The New Moon is our launching pad to creative expression. The more we continue to nourish our creative spirit, the more we tend to our vivid imagination, the stronger our connection will be to our most authentic selves.



Pisces season brings a potent end to the zodiacal year as we prepare for the rebirth of the Spring Equinox and our entrance into Aries Season. This is truly an important time to harness the power of our imagination & creativity to provide fertile soil for the seeds of the new year to grow within.


I encourage you to embrace your inner mystic during this season. Explore the deepest depths of your imagination & set the intention to tend to creative inspiration during the upcoming New Moon and allow your wildest visions to become reality.



What intentions are you setting for the New Moon in Pisces? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post, or share on Instagram using the hashtag #piscesthemystic (don’t forget to tag me @_sekhem.nefer_ too!).


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